We are visual beings, and our world exists in 3D.

QReal lifts your brand into the real world. QReal, formerly Kabaq.io – established its beachhead within the AR industry by creating the most lifelike models of cuisine. For years we perfected our modeling process to present dishes that look completely real, are platform agnostic and optimized for AR. We knew the same process would work for a whole myriad of brands and items – and thus QReal was born. Now we work in many different verticals, including fashion, luxury, automotive, and more.

We want to make rad experiences. We want to expand the medium of AR. We want people to see our work. Oh, and we are really really nice and good people.


The world of Augmented Reality is here. It requires a paradigm shift in content. The new world of media will be in 3D.

QReal strives to make the most lifelike and beautiful 3D content in the world. With a proprietary process honed over the years, we can recreate your product in the most intimate detail. All of our content is optimized for AR and created to work through your entire ecosystem.

3D models have been around for a long time – used primarily for architectural purposes or pure animation. Those models while high in quality and detail, but lacked platform ambiguity limiting their reach and application. QReal creates models with a single beautiful texture, allowing the content to be accessed and shared across the web, social media, and any other digital distribution networks.


Augmented Reality presents an amazing new medium for storytelling. No longer are you limited by screen space; with AR the world can be your canvas.

The camera is a window. This notion has to be internalized in order to understand how to utilize the opportunity to tell your story. How can you activate the space around a user to create amazing experiences that are awe-inspiring?

QReal strives to create the most engaging storytelling devices to delight and educate users. All day, every day, we are pushing the bounds of AR spaces and technology to create paradigm-shifting experiences for our clients.


The most valuable key to QReal’s 3D models is that they are platform agnostic. Once we replicate a product in lifelike 3D, the same model can then be pushed to a wide distribution network. This is a necessary feature to accommodate the growing ecosystems of Augmented Reality.

QReal’s proprietary process allows for the same 3D model to be used on the web, in an app, in social media platforms, on an e-commerce site, or in a retail location. Thus, once that single asset is created, it can be utilized in a vast network of interlocking platforms – transitioning a business instantly into the full 3D / AR world.

These ecosystems are new, they can be confusing, and require a specialized team to navigate. QReal offers full management and hosting of a company’s new AR environment. We are a one-stop shop for content creation, digital storytelling design, and asset management/distribution.